Living in The Moment

The Magic of Being Present

For most of us, living in the moment is just a nice idea – a concept that we tend to think of every now and then, but never follow.

Most of us live our lives in fast-forward.

We occupy most of our mind, energy, and time with things that don’t really matter. Jumping from task-to-task, meeting-to-meeting, emails to Facebook, etc. We pollute our mind with so much insignificant trash on a daily basis, and are more concerned about what other people think of us, than living a meaningful and stimulating life.

And before you know it – A week may have gone by. Perhaps even a few months or a few years… And you think to yourself “Where did all that time just disappear to?”

“Nothing is worth more than this day.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

When you were a kid, I bet you were much better at living in the moment, right? That’s before society conditioned you to live “out of the moment”, and be more concerned with the insignificant.

So when it comes to living in the moment, go back to being a kid again. View everything in this world through the same lens as when you were young, and be present. Don’t’ worry about the past, or the future, just the now.

A new-born baby is the best example, in my opinion, of living in the moment… The way they just take everything in, every moment, without judging, questioning, or thinking much – Simply being.

Stop thinking so much, and start living!

Flow through life, instead of speeding. Feel more and think less. Don’t worry about the future, instead focus on the present.

Always be in the moment!

This is important for every aspect of your life, especially when it comes to interacting with women. Because if you’re not totally present around women, you’ll be missing out on so much!

And lastly, you’ll find that when you start to live more in the moment, things will seem to flow easier and more naturally… New opportunities (that you may have never noticed before) will arise, and you will begin to attract more of what you want in your life. Perhaps even the woman of your dreams…

The world works in mysterious ways. Submit yourself to living in the moment, and set off on that stimulating journey you were meant to live NOW!

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May the new year bring you lots of fulfilment and stimulating experiences!


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