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  • Overcome your fear of rejection by understanding the specific and universal principles of success
  • Be confident and charming around any woman in the world by simply using your natural personality and god-given abilities
  • Easily avoid common mistakes by becoming aware of the top things you should never say or do with women
  • Speed up the learning curve and multiply your success with women from the comfort of your own home by using the internet to get results now
  • Become 100 times more effective by always staying one step ahead
  • Become more attractive to women by first understanding the process of attraction itself, and then learning how to trigger this process in the opposite sex
  • Make dating gorgeous and quality women easy without having to be the “best-looking” guy in town and impressing them with money!
  • Make women feel amazing by using a few proven step-by-step techniques and approaches, and by giving them what they need as oppose to what they want
  • Read her like a book and gauge her interest level towards you at any moment in time by using a few proven and tested strategies and techniques
  • Easily get a woman’s phone number in less than 5 minutes by following a few quick and simple steps
  • Never be fooled again by misinterpreting a woman’s words and learn how you can read her by her actions instead
  • Eliminate “silent moments” by always having something smooth and interesting to say while staying in control of the conversation
  • Stimulate her mind and body by directly communicating with her deepest emotions
  • Improve your physical appearance and health immediately by following a few simple guidelines
  • Make women chase you by being a challenge, building anticipation, and by seeming reserved or “taken”
  • Keep the date fun and interesting by choosing the best possible places to take her
  • Know exactly when to kiss her by creating the “perfect” moment time and time again
  • Make a woman melt by your kiss by following each and every detailed step – a proven and tested technique
  • Get her in bed all in a natural, easy, and smooth manner, while making sure the both of you enjoy the process
  • Cause any woman to fall head over heels for you in simply 8 steps
  • Use specific and mind-blowing techniques to immediately improve your overall success with women

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Samples Of The Book

Read samples below…

  • Everything you need to know about the first date.

I will teach you exactly where to go, what to do, what to say, plus the six guidelines you should always follow while on a date! (Pages 174-184)

  • How to build a character so seductive that women will have no choice but to fall under your spell..

You’ll learn the secrets of every successful seducer who ever lived and how you can become equally successful by simply applying the same exact techniques that they used. (Pages 67-72)

  • Learn the 8 best ways to approach women

The next time you see an attractive woman you would like to approach, you will no longer not know what to do or say, because you will learn 8 full-proof methods that you can use in any situation – and walk away successful every time. (Pages 151-156)

  • A secret lesson that will change your view on what women want forever.

You will learn the difference between what women need versus what women want. And why giving them what they need is much more powerful than giving them what they want. (Pages 83-88)

  • How to turn any of your fears that prevent you from becoming successful with women into positive calls of action.

After learning these techniques you will never fear failing again! You will learn how you can approach as many women as you want without any trace of shyness or fear, and walk away successful every time! (Pages 21-30)

  • The top 10 things you can do to improve your overall appearance today.

I will give you a list of the exact things you can do today to make yourself more attractive and appealing to women so that you can leave a lasting and positive first impression. (Pages 135-139)

  • The exact personality traits and types than make a man attractive.

I will walk you through each of the specific personality types and traits that make a man attractive to women, and how you can use each of them to your benefit while playing the game of attraction. (Pages 59-66)

  • The power of using the Internet to meet women.

I will show you how to meet extremely attractive women on the internet, and why this can serve as such a great alternative when starting out. Also included will be the top 10 things you should never say or do to women online! (Pages 77-82)

  • The exact things you should never say or do with women.

Learn the top 7 words or phrases and become aware of the most common things that men do that immediately lower a woman’s interest level in them. I will then show you what you can say or do to increase her interest level toward you instead! (Pages 123-134)

  • The “how to” on kissing a woman.

I will teach you exactly how to kiss a woman so that she will get shivers of pleasure throughout her body, and thank god that she ever met you! (Pages 187-190)

And so much more!!!

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