Inception: Entering the Depths of a Woman’s Mind

2 days ago, I decided to go check out this new Leonardo DiCaprio flick that continues to rack up rave reviews all around the world… And to be honest, I’m not really into science fiction movies, so I was not expecting much of it…

But to my surprise, this movie did not only exhibit mind-blowing special effects, an amazing score, and a clever story line… But it was the concept and main message of the movie that really got me interested, and made complete sense to me in the real world…

The idea and power of planting a seed in ones mind, without the other person even knowing it, and having that idea (seed), naturally grow in their mind as if it were theirs to begin with. As if they were the gardeners that planted it in the first place.

Now, in the movie the characters entered the dreams and subconscious minds of their targets, and dug deep to reveal their innermost secrets, thoughts, and desires…

They would then use the information they learned to their advantage by communicating directly to the emotions of their target. Like a seducer who charms a woman into believing, that “she seduced him”. The Inception process of a planted thought begins.

What if I were to tell you that you could do the same, without “breaking in” to people’s dreams?

To be able to meet a woman, share some words with her, walk away… And plant a deep, sexual, and erotic seed in her subconscious without her even consciously being aware… Within just a few minutes of approaching her!

That my friends, is not science fiction!

Instead of “breaking into her dreams”, ask specific questions and LISTEN – not just with your ears, but all your senses.

Learn to read a woman by her tone of voice, her body language, her words, the speed in which she speaks, her likes, her dislikes, etc. Learn to discover as much as you can about a woman’s passions and desires in just a few minutes of conversation.

If you do this, you will be able to uncover her “emotional soft spots”. You can then use words, gestures, and body language, to trigger those emotional buttons in a way that will directly communicate certain things to her subconscious. And by doing this right, it is possible to plant such deep, sexual, and erotic thoughts into a woman’s mind, without her even being aware of it, consciously at least.

Imagine the power you could have if you really understood how to use this concept in the real world. The power to influence… The power to lead… The power to persuade… The power to have any woman you desire, to want you.

Catch my drift?

This is a VERY powerful concept, and if used correctly, will lead to very powerful results!

Think of all the great charismatic leaders of our world… And on the flip side, think of all the evil, yet charismatic past and present leaders of our world. Also, think of some powerful companies that have brained washed us with their strong advertising campaigns throughout our lives… Specifically, the companies that took things a step further, and did not just settle for people to simply remember their catchy slogan or brand name…

What do all these people and companies have in common, you ask? Well, they all understand the power behind the concept of planting thoughts in people’s minds. Many of them mastered this art.

Thoughts, like unsuspecting seeds are planted in our minds daily, when we least expect it. And the crazy thing about it is, most of the time, we are not even aware of it! It all takes place on a subconscious level…

So I hope this article opens your mind to some new possibilities, and causes you to even take things a step further, and study the psychology of this stuff! And if you have not seen the movie “Inception” yet, I would definitely recommend checking it out, while keeping this article in mind!

I briefly cover this concept, and the psychology behind it in my book “Modern World Dating: How to Meet & Date Women”. Specifically on how it relates to meeting, attracting, and dating women…

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