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Modern World Dating (aka DatingTipsForMen.com), founded by Ben Ezra in early 2006, was created to help men around the world achieve success with women by supplying them with the most up-to-date and modernized tools, knowledge, and techniques for gaining a competitive edge in the dating game. It has taken Ben over 10 years of his life, and lots of trial & error to get to this point. During that time he has put together a modernized step-by-step system, a guide designed to make meeting, attracting, seducing, and dating quality women as easy as 1-2-3 (literally). And unlike any other “dating expert” or “seduction guru” out there, he has managed to achieve all this success before the age of 22. Because of this, he is better able to relate to men who range from late teens, to men who are in their 20’s or early 30’s. He has also helped men that are double his age improve their success with women, and his guaranteed, tried & tested system is proven successful time and time again.

A Few Words From The Founder Himself


Ben Ezra

My name is Ben Ezra, and I am the founder and president of Modern World Dating. Everything you will learn will be coming from someone who was once in your shoes. There is not one technique or skill-set that I teach in my system, that I personally haven’t used or tried in my own life. Everything I teach has been proven and tested time and time again. And if my system doesn’t help you, I stand by my guarantee policy 100%. My commitment to quality and results is what makes Modern World Dating unique.

Modern World Dating is much more than just a “guide to meeting & dating women”, it’s about getting the most out of life, and being able to share that joy and passion with beautiful, talented, and quality women. It’s about being able to connect with a woman on the deepest level in the shortest amount of time.

As I said many times before, A life worth living is a life worth improving

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