AFC Adam Lyons Talks About The MWD Model

A few months back, Adam posted a video entitled “the friends zone” and it got much attention… Anyhow, the way he was describing his “breaking out of the friends zone” technique in the video raised some questions amongst my readers, as well as many of Adam’s readers since it was very similar to a part of my MWD Model which was published back in 2006…

Needless to say, because of this, Adam made a video to clear things up a bit… You can watch the video here:

The MWD Model is a step-by-step technique to get from the approach all the way to the bed, within a few hours or days… It also states how to break out, or stay out of the friends zone, as well as not ending up as the guy who women laugh at behind their backs (what I call Mr. Perfect Syndrome in my book).